Owning Precious Vintage Jewelry

Can you keep a prestigious fashion jewelry hidden? It is worth storing vintage jewelry in a box? The demand for vintage jewelry has soared in the past few years. According to a recent study, the quest for vintage wear has increased by 88%. Art Market Research clearly states that more-and-more girls are behind vintage accessories. The demand for vintage jewelry is 40% more than homes or cars in England. Voila, doesn’t this make vintage fashion special? So, what kind of jewels do people look for? Are there specific trends and styles? This article will answer these questions for you!

What is vintage wear?

Vintage jewelry is often branded by creative designers. There are so many unknown, but creative designers in the industry. These designers spend most of their time designing signature jewelry. The trails of leading designers can be exceptionally subtle. And, these signatures make a massive difference in the final price. Here is a simple example:

A brooch made by Fulco Santostefano della Creda in 1952 sold for 9600 Pounds. This brooch has a beautiful girl dressing up. The brooch was made of pearl, gold and emerald. Many people considered the brooch as a worthless piece of jewelry. However, on close inspection you will come across many carvings and discreet cuts.”

Vintage Jewels and Precious Gemstones!

Many vintage jewelry pieces are in vogue for its gemstones. Special types of gemstones are used to influence. Even though the net price of diamonds fell between 2014 and 2015, the need for vintage jewels with the precious stone didn’t decrease. Most collections were in vogue amongst young and elderly women. That is because vintage apparels and jewelry represents much more than fashion. There are interesting histories and stories to every piece.

If you find a surviving, original and intact vintage jewelry, from a specific period in history, you are definitely lucky! Such pieces are incredibly valuable and rare. Master jewelers consider vintage jewelry as a piece of art. There is plenty of innovative design and fine workmanship behind vintage collectables.

Handling Vintage Jewels With Care!

Meanwhile, you should know how to take care of vintage pieces. You must store and protect the jewels carefully. Many home owners insure their expensive vintage pieces. In fact, they spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on high quality safes! After all, who would want to lose vintage jewelry, worth several million dollars?